Palm Carrying Ritual in Jajarm City

This ritual dates back to 200 years, which begins every evening of Tasuah and continues until noon on Ashura. Holding this ritual and carrying the Palm on the shoulders of the Weepers, and turning it around the Husseinieh Square of Jajarm, is somehow alive the memory of the martyrs of Karbala and emphasizes the continuation of their path. The Palm in the palm carrying ritual means the tents of Imam Hussein, son of Imam Ali and the coffin. These Palms belong to the mourning houses of the past that have become popular now. Attaching the martyrs› photo, installing the Mirror and blackening them are their decorating. On the left and right of each Palm, a small sword is installed which people dangle will fruit to consecration them on the day of Ashura. There are two large Palm and a Cardle of Ali Asqar in Jajarm city. After the end of the Palm carrying ritual, the noon pray of Ashura will be held in big Husseinieh, and Shame Qariban ritual is also performed in the mosque of Jajarm city.