Samanu Cooking Ritual in Daraq City

Samanu Cooking was one of the religious ritual ceremonies in ancient and historic areas. Samanu (sweet pudding made from wheat germ) is cooked in late March in order to prepare Haft-Seen table. The production and sale of Samanu has become a kind of seasonal trade after registering on the list of intangible national works. This festival is held annually in the area of the mosque in the Daraq city. This event includes wearing traditional clothes at the same time with cooking Samanu and reading old poems. After cooking samanu they will place a large Tray and put a Mirror, Shoulder, Collyrium on a copper pot, and they believe that the foul person should not pass through it. This event is held annually for the people of the region with the aim of introducing cultural customs, securing ancient customs, creating empathy and unity among local people on the eve of Nowruz, seasonal work and home career.