Namanloo Thanksgiving harvest ritual

Every year, the Thanksgiving harvest will be held on the first week or the second of July, on Friday with the start of harvesting of agricultural products in the village of Namanloo, in Shirvan city. The celebration has a special form with a combination of local customs with religious ceremonies. The people of Namanloo and its surrounding villages and a lot of people from Shirvan city move to tomb of Zakaria of the Prophet which is located on the hills of Golil highlands. 150 to 200 Sheep are slaughtered at the ceremony.

Mourning, speaking, praying for the blessings, abundance of agricultural products and demand for Rain from GOD, especially in the crop year associated with drought, are part of the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, the presenters are invited to drink tea, and then they will be invited to dinner, after the noon and evening prayers.