Spring and Autumn Course of Turkmen Horse

Turkmen Horse riding competitions are held in autumn and spring or on religious occasions such as weddings or religious festivals in some parts of Razu jargalan such as Qolaman, Drom of Baqleq village, Yekeh Soud village and Tazeh Qaleh village every year. Increasing the vitality of the youth and filling their leisure time are main goals of this sporting event. This event is one of the best one that always been accompanied by passionate popularity of local people due to interest of local people, especially the Turkmens on the horse. The interest of local people and active presence of people and riders in these events, along with display of superior breeds of theTurkmen horse in the tournament, has attracted the attention of investors to invest in this field. In addition, the development of lateral horse industries has provided an opportunity for local people to work. Sometimes, Horse racing competitions such as Horse auction, Silk handicraft festivals (including two sided rug and single side rugs), handicrafts exposition, cook and local cuisine exposition are also held.