Double-Sided Silk Rug

The Double-sided Silk Rug is special for the Turkmens of Razugargalan county which it is one of the unique arts which has capacity to be introduced to the world community. the weaving of this carpet is result of suffering two weavers behind the Carpet frame at the same time. Most of designs in these Rugs are the subjective knowledge that is passed from one generation to next and have customers from inside and outside the country. The features of this rug have caused foreign businessmen to travel to the area and order the texture of this product to weavers because of high quality.
This type of rug is woven in 1.40* 2 meters dimensions. It will last for about a year if it is done by two weavers and more than four months if it is woven by four weavers. This type of carpet is not woven in large size and some of Two Sided Rugs designs are Yamout, Chahar Fasl, Qereqchaq, Qap Qapee and Toranj. The Raw Silk Thread needed for the texture of this Rug is from the provinces products and is provided from Mashhad and Gonbad city if needed. It is woven by the use of natural colors and patterns of mind by the weaver or the client. The texture of this carpet is common among the Turkmen of North Khorasan residing in the Razujargalan county, and no evidence has been found about its texture among other ethnic groups of the country. The main origin of Two Sided Rug is Doydokh village. One of the reasons that a few people are engaged in weaving this carpet is hardness of work, elegance, time consuming and low price.