Historical Bath of Jajarm (Bath and history museum of Jajarm City)

Jajarm baths with 700 square meters area are located in the heart of the city›s historical texture, beside historical Jame Mosque and remains of the old citadel known as Narin Qaleh and belongs to the Islamic period. Entrance of bathroom connect to changing room through five steps, and connect to sudatory through a hallway.

Miandar is a space of passage to access the warm atmosphere of Cold and dry space in dressingroom. The other sections consist multi-chamber with a dome roof. The bathroom consists five parts, three inner parts and two outer parts. The inner parts of the bathroom include a Dressing room, a Fireplace and a Water Storage. Exterior parts include Boiler, Hot and Cold Water source and Fuel tank. Studies and restoration on this bath has been started since 2007 and has been used since 2011 as a history museum.

The museum booths include Clothes, Tonsorial, Spicery, Archeology, Palm Carrying Ritual introduction, famous people introduction and Jajarm handicrafts introduction. They depict an illustration of the history and culture of Jajarm with together for the visitor.