Yamandaqi Special Tourism Zone and Haaver Forest

Yamandaqi is located in the South East of Darkesh village and East of Haaver Village. It has a mountainous temperate climate in the summer and cold in the winter without inhabitants. Some of the attractions of the region include hircanic forests that are the only survivors of this unique species in the east of the country with Oak, Oak Gall, Long Oak Gall, Beech and Korko, High mountains with numerous peaks and Qawali peaks with a height of 2900 meters, Yamandaqi, Fountains, Valleys, Country side such as Goolek, Nargeslee, Kashgorbeh, Tarnavelee and so on are the attractions and potential of tourism in the region Which has the capability of investing and attracting tourists, in the field of tourism and sport such as mountain climbing, rock climbing and so on.