Qorkhod Special Tourism Zone

This area is part of the vast expanse of the Qorkhod area. It includes forests, heights and vegetation which end to the Golestan National Park. The Qazi,Zard,Kastan Route, with distance of 41 kilometers approximately, is the only way to reach, In terms of access to this area. Kastan is also the only village in this area. The village is 220 years old and its history dates back to Safavid dynasty. Most important attractions of the region are; Qorkhod summit with 2950 meters high, dense and massive forest cover,

Zouye Janan valley, Zouye Janan spring, Kazouye Janan waterfall, natural caves called Dodahaneh and Qorkhod protected area. This region is habitat for a rare brown Bears with Animal diversity.