Jalaluddin Castle Museum

Jalaluddin Castle is considered one of the most prominent military forts of North Khorasan which was built in 3th-4th century. This castle is made of stone and mortar as a regular hexagonal on a rugged hilltop. This building was opened in June 2011 as the Museum of introduction the personality of Jalaluddin, the great Iranian historian with an emphasis on personality of Jalaluddin Khwarazmshah. As the castle famous as “Jalaluddin castle”, it cannot be definitely attributed to any of the famous figures of Jalaluddin in the history of Iran. The stories and works of famous figures of Jalaluddin on the panel template is introduced to the visitor on the eastern side of the museum at the first narrative, kind of Iranian national and religious display is one of the unique features of this Museum-Castle, which distinguishes it from its similar examples in terms of content. The pictures of the story were drawn on the curtains in each tower and expressed in narrative method which the historical events of Mogul era and disasters of prophets are spoken like Lyrics during that.

The towers in the museum are devoted to this type of narration, and a curtain with a separate story is installed in each tower. The unique features of this museum are use of digital system to broadcast this type of narration in each tower.

Other parts of the museum are located in the paths of the visit, which allows the visitor move along the highest parts of the castle and see the features of military architecture, materials used, historical cask placed in the heart of castle walls and ultimately defense methods of the historic pole.